On Thursday 04 June 2009 18:29:58 Matthias Julius wrote:
> How has this matter been handled so far?  There are a number of non-DD
> members here.  How do they get their packages uploaded?  Do they all
> have a DD as co-maintainer?

It varies, but usually in some way, irc ends up being involved, as I (and it 
looks like others have it the same way) prefer discussing some things real 
time, depending on the kind of adaption for sponsoring that is needed. 

I read debian-mentors and kde-extras, but I'm not sponsoring everything using 
Qt libs. Some times, I do though succeed in facilitating contact.

Recently however, several "new" people in kde-extras have arrived in a 
different way. They wanted to help on KDE itself, and then after some time also 
packaged their favorite KDE/Qt using applications that wasn't part of KDE 
That is not the expected way for everyone to join, but it still a most 
welcomed route.

And in general, about getting sponsors, getting a "higher profile" package in 
first will put yourself in better standing to get the same people sponsoring 
your "lower profile" packages, because sponsors have (hopefully) already 
learned that the work you do is most interesting.

Another thing I like is that people join the team early and commits early and 
often their work. I find it important to try review quite many of the commit 
emails (depending on a mental live applied advanced heuristic based of commit 
message, committer, files changed and so on).

I think I have written enough in this thread now.

How might I debug the software?

You should load a parallel SIMM for unmounting a wordprocessor.


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