> How has this matter been handled so far?

at least, we're ~4 regular sponsors.

> There are a number of non-DD members here.
> How do they get their packages uploaded?

poking on irc, which is bad (imho).

> Do they all have a DD as co-maintainer?

most of KDE extras packages have:
- Debian KDE Extras Team as maintainers.
- Uploaders contains people involved in the packaging.
>From time to time, some of us handles others packages if needed (eg. vac, 

KDE Team uses the same scheme: 
- Debian Qt/KDE  Team as maintainers
- Uploaders contains people involved in the packaging.

fortunately (or not), there's some exceptions like Modestas, he isn't DD :( , 
very good skills and DM on some packages.

Indeed, some packages have special treatments ;)
e.g. we have sort of main maintainer ...

http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/index.html is a good starting point.




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