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Subject: Q: Key issues to address with Qt/KDE on Debian
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Hi all, 

I'm working on a short list of issues which can be improved when packaging 
and running KDE 4 on Debian. What are the two-three most important issues 
to address and maybe fix. 

I've already got suggestions improving KNetworkManager with mobile 
broadband modem integration[1]. Several improvements and fixes was 
suggested from KDE before releasing Qt 4.5[2]. This are example of things 
I'm looking for. 

My question: What's the top two-three things which could be improved on 
Qt/KDE integration on Debian, making it really shine? And how do you think 
we should address those improvements?

1. http://dot.kde.org/2009/06/10/network-manager-sprint-oslo
2. http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2008/12/04/how-kde-4-is-blocking-qt-45/

Best regards

Knut Yrvin
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Qt Software, Nokia
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