On Mar 07 Jul 2009 17:27:20 Fathi Boudra escribió:
> Hi,
> very late reply but QPrinter needs love.
> ask Pino Toscano (okular), I guess he has many things to say about it.
> ch
Yes, please look at QPrinter. Many KDE users in Debian keep kpdf just because 
they lack features :-( (and I am one of those :-) )

"In college, I cooked some hot dogs by putting metal forks in each end
of the hot dog and running 120 volts through it. Hot dogs have just enough
conductivity so that this works well"
  greenroom(576281) - on a truly geeky way to cook hot dogs.
  Posted in Slashdot, also found in The Open Source Cookbook for Geeks.

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