Since, I think, this is the first time I write to this list, I suppose
a introduction is kind of appropriate :)
My name is Harald Sitter and I am a Kubuntu dev from Austria [1] and I
am working on everything but really nothing.


I was wondering what you people think about getting akondiconsole out
of the kdepim-runtime (4.3) package.
Currently kdepim-runtime is a single package (+ -dbg), yet
akonadiconsole is a development tool (it even tells so upon
startup), so it is probably not desirable to have it installed as part
of the main KDE(Pim) stack.

The options to get it out of there:
1) In Kubuntu the package is split into -runtime, -runtime-data and
-runtime-dev, so eventually Debian should adopt that and move
akondiconsole to the -dev package
2) Split akonadiconsole into its own package
3) Split only the akonadiconsole binary in its own package and patch
the desktop file to use TryExec

I personally prefer option 2 since -dev should only contain binaries
that are actually needed for building software (e.g. what can be found
in kdelibs5-dev). Option 3 would only make sense if the app had loads
of arch independent data (IMHO), which is not the case.





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