On ketvirtadienis 23 Liepa 2009 00:00:41 Harald Sitter wrote:
> The options to get it out of there:
> 1) In Kubuntu the package is split into -runtime, -runtime-data and
> -runtime-dev, so eventually Debian should adopt that and move
> akondiconsole to the -dev package

We will not split off -data as long as it basically contains *.desktop files 
and is around ~40 kb in size (multiarch is still not here). *-runtime-dev does 
not make sense by definition.

> 2) Split akonadiconsole into its own package

Maybe we could ask upstream to move it to back kdepim(libs)? Debugging tools 
do not really belong to -runtime packages, do they? In my opinion, if to split 
off akonadiconsole, then invent another package name like kdepim-runtime-dev-
tools (similar to qt4-dev-tools) or something.

> 3) Split only the akonadiconsole binary in its own package and patch
> the desktop file to use TryExec

Why would we need to patch desktop file? We typically ship desktop file in the 
same package as the binary to avoid dangling desktop files.

> I personally prefer option 2 since -dev should only contain binaries
> that are actually needed for building software (e.g. what can be found
> in kdelibs5-dev).

Yeah, *-runtime-dev name would be confusing. However, I don't think 
akonadiconsole is so important to get a package of its own. A package where 
all such devel tools could be put (in the future) is more appropriate.

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