On Wednesday, 2009-07-22, Tom Albers wrote:
> Op Wednesday 22 July 2009 23:32 schreef u:
> > > 2) Split akonadiconsole into its own package
> >
> > Maybe we could ask upstream to move it to back kdepim(libs)? Debugging
> > tools do not really belong to -runtime packages, do they? In my opinion,
> > if to split off akonadiconsole, then invent another package name like
> > kdepim-runtime-dev- tools (similar to qt4-dev-tools) or something.
> We can not move it to kdepimlibs as it depends on kdepim-runtime. Depending
> on -runtime at build time, kind of defeats the purpose ;-).

At least not for now.
AFAIK the plan is to move it out to kdepim once the dependency issues are 
resolved, e.g. libraries currently in kdepim-runtime become public API and 
move to kdepimlibs.

I would recommend to leave it in kdepim-runtime for now, also because it is a 
really helpful for diagnosing Akonadi setup related problems.
Akonadi is currently mainly interesting for users which want to try new 
technologies, e.g. for testing purposes, and at this point they can give more 
valuable feedback when having access to akonadiconsole.


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