Op Wednesday 22 July 2009 23:32 schreef u:
> > 2) Split akonadiconsole into its own package
> Maybe we could ask upstream to move it to back kdepim(libs)? Debugging tools 
> do not really belong to -runtime packages, do they? In my opinion, if to 
> split 
> off akonadiconsole, then invent another package name like kdepim-runtime-dev-
> tools (similar to qt4-dev-tools) or something.

We can not move it to kdepimlibs as it depends on kdepim-runtime. Depending on 
-runtime at build time, kind of defeats the purpose ;-).

>From a KDE pov I think the current setup is not a problem. I fail to see the 
>problem I guess. You don't have to install it for the end user, maybe put it 
>in the documentation area of the package, I don't know.

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