On pirmadienis 03 Gegužė 2010 16:28:31 Praveen A wrote:
> 2010/5/3 Modestas Vainius <modes...@vainius.eu>:
> > No, you don't need to start -2 revision for these changes because -1 has
> > never been officially uploaded to Debian. This also means that you don't
> > need to document changes in the changelog until initial release is
> > uploaded to Debian archive. So basically, you can just drop this -2
> > entry completely. Please remove 0.3.2-1 tag as well since it is invalid
> > and does not point to official upload.
> OK. Made these changes.

Fine. Now the last nitpicks:

1) I overlooked that the package uses cmake (don't know why I initially 
thought it used qmake). debhelper (>= 7.3) is enough for this (Build-Depends).

2) I suggest you reconsider not using "(A proud GNU user)" in Uploaders field 
and changelog trailer. Now it may look cool somewhat but you may get tired of 
this eventually. It is rather unusual as well. If I were you I would just keep 
your full name and email like Debian Policy 5.6.2 recommends. Btw, this is not 
a blocker for sponsoring, it is your choice eventually.

Finally feel free to `dch -r -D unstable`, build source package, upload it to 
mentors or alioth and give me an URL to .dsc which I will sponsor.

Modestas Vainius <modes...@vainius.eu>

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