2010/5/3 Modestas Vainius <modes...@vainius.eu>:
> 1) I overlooked that the package uses cmake (don't know why I initially
> thought it used qmake). debhelper (>= 7.3) is enough for this (Build-Depends).

cmake removed from build depends, but it also requires qmake (it was
failing in pbuilder).

Build is failing with pbuilder as it cannot find cmake. Should I add it again?

Also libqt4-dev is added as dependency for -dev package.

> 2) I suggest you reconsider not using "(A proud GNU user)" in Uploaders field
> and changelog trailer. Now it may look cool somewhat but you may get tired of
> this eventually. It is rather unusual as well. If I were you I would just keep
> your full name and email like Debian Policy 5.6.2 recommends. Btw, this is not
> a blocker for sponsoring, it is your choice eventually.

OK. Removed "(A proud GNU user)". I was trying to get
dpkg-buildpackage to use my gpg keys. Now I have to run debsign
-k0xE0C010D0 (DEBSIGN_KEYID variable seems to not make any effect),
but that is Ok.

> Finally feel free to `dch -r -D unstable`, build source package, upload it to
> mentors or alioth and give me an URL to .dsc which I will sponsor.

It is uploaded to mentors.

- Praveen
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