Once again I find unexpected [k]ubuntu branchs in qt repos. As I have already 
said before: no new branches without consulting first.

Now I see a branch named "kubuntu_vivid_mobile" in qtquickcontrols. I haven't 
read someone asking for permission, specially Bhushan Shah (CCing, he asked 
permission for KDE stuff and someone got him accepted in the alioth project).

So far I see no benefit in letting third parties accessing our repos, 
specially when we have no way of not allowing them to commit to our branches.

Bhushan: I know you are a KDE upstream, but you are not a Qt one. Please 
refrain from doing more commits until we sort this out.

If we *really* want to cooperate with Qt packaging we should at very least 
define common grounds, which includes no patches for re adding non-DFSG stuff, 
atomic commits with proper changelog entries, no patches non-upstream ACKed 
except for very good reasons, etc.

Not very happy, Lisandro.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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