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|--==> On Wed, 24 Mar 2010 16:49:51 +0100, Adrian Knoth 
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  AK> I completely agree with you: it has more features, it is stable, and I'm
  AK> also using it instead of jackd1.

  AK> If you don't fear the lack of Debian-wide testing, go ahead and upload
  AK> 1.9.5 to unstable. The users would probably appreciate this.

I'm gonna do that.

  AK> I see three open issues:

  AK>    * FFADO port naming needs to be redone. Upstream issue, I'll take care.

  AK>    * copy manpages from jackd1 package to jackd2. Anybody can do this. ;)

  AK>    * audio.conf handling. Right now, it cannot be tweaked by the user.
  AK>      Sure it can, but the package will overwrite it on updates. Though
  AK>      this will be fine in almost all cases (we provide a sensible
  AK>      default), it's clearly a policy violation. In the git repo, I have
  AK>      a dpkg approach, but that's inferior to ucf.

  AK>      If somebody with lots of conffile experience is around, feel free
  AK>      to implement it correctly. ;)

Yeah, we should address this somehow. The dpkg approach might not be
optimal, but at least it doesn't overwrite the file on updates.



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