>> Thanks! It seems to work now. It's nice that it takes care of deleting the
>> .pyo files. The .pyc files are byte-compiled for Python 2.5, but it seems to
>> work with 2.6 as well.
> Good.
> Not sure I read you correctly above: Do the snippet only cleanup half of the
> Python compiled files?  If you seem to reveal weaknesses in the CDBS
> snippets then do tell - so I can improve them for the benefit of all (except
> those poor souls not seeing the light of CDBS ;-) ).

Well, maybe it doesn't clean them quite... Here is an excerpt from the
list of files that are created (by python-support) when installing:

It seems like the list of Python-generated files looks different for
the midistream v/s the scenic package.

In midistream.deb:
           |____ __init__.py
           |____ __init__.pyc
           |____ __init__.pyo

In scenic.deb:
├── application.py
├── application.pyc

(there are no .po there)

There is no "2.5" or "2.6" directory, anywhere. The app seems to work
OK, though.

>> Otherwise, I think this packaging stuff is going well. The upstream team
>> will be ready for the 0.6.0 release for Friday, I think.
> Sounds good.  But we need not delay releasing this packaging until then:
> approval from ftpmasters may take time, so better get in in as soon as we
> feel the packaging is acceptable.  Even if you know that this upstream code
> is flawed, we can still release but (if needed) immediately file a severe
> bugreport against it to block it from entering testing.

I should import a new original tarball within a few hours. The 0.6.1
upstream release is out.

Alexandre Quessy

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