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Le Sun 04 Jul 10 à 11:18 -0300, Sérgio Cipolla a écrit :
> Package: mozilla-plugin-vlc
> Version: 1.0.6-1

> mozilla-plugin-vlc uses the old, BROKEN, mozilla-mplayer (v. 3.5.5) plugin. 
> The
> Mozilla MPlayer plugin that works is the one used by the package gecko-
> mediaplayer (v.

mozilla-vlc-plugin (and VLC in general) has nothing to do with mplayer
or its browser plugins. All they do at best is share some libraries like

So you report doesn't really make any sense. 

Maybe you could try to uninstall/desactivate mozilla-mplayer and/or
gecko-mediaplayer, start iceweasel form a terminal and access a website
with a video causing problem.

Then send us the URL and the messages VLC outputs in the terminal

Also for future reference, using a tool like reportbug to report bugs,
would ensure that usefull info about the package and its depedances are
sent automatically. Here the output of 'apt-cache show
mozilla-plugin-vlc' would be relevant.


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