On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 10:10:45AM +0200, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Perhaps? My biggest concern is that with 3 lists, it becomes more and
> more challenging to decide to which list to post. Replies to -vcs mails
> currently go to -maintainers because of the reply-to, so I guess that
> would remain. But what about discussion mails on -maintainers, that are
> supposed to go to debian-multime...@l.d.o? This overhead of
> meta-discussion about a topic being ontopic or offtopic is the price I
> see for having a third list. (it could be mitigated with a proper and
> clear charter, I imagine).

For me the maintainers list is way to noisy and I guess a lot of users
will see it the same way.  Moreover I'm afraid that just because of the
name of the list as well as the location users will not even consider
subscribing this list (as I would never have done if I would not
explicitely asked to raise the Blends topic here).  IMHO we have no
proper place to discuss the issues of multimedia users inside Debian and
that's a pity because we might loose users (and potential developers)
because of this.
> Yeah, we still see on our irc channel #debian-multimedia that every few
> weeks some confused users asks about problems with debian-multimedia.org
> packages. :-/

So why not clarifying this on the debian-multimedia list properly (in
the mailing list description and a footer liner)?
> not sure about the last part, but it seems it was some kind of
> derivative work. What about turning it into a Debian-internal
> initiative? The name might be dead, but we can still revive it as a
> Debian Blend, can't we?

I would be in strong favour of this.

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