On 13/08/10 08:01, Andreas Tille wrote:
> BTW, I have another issue:  This mailing list recieves a lot of
> packaging related information which I#m not really interested in.
> However, de just have this mailinglist debian-multime...@l.d.o.  Do you
> see a chance that we move discussion like this about general project
> management, Blends stuff, user oriented questions to this mailing
> list.  I was asked to raise the Blends issue here on this list and
> so did I, but I would prefer if I would not be spammed by bug reports
> of multimedia packages which I'm simply not interested in.  In other
> projects such split between user oriented list @l.d.o and a maintainer
> list @a.l.d.o has turned out as quite reasonable.

Well, this was discussed at the time of the merge between the two teams.
Basically, we decided to have everything on the alioth list because we
feared the traffic was so small we would dilute the interest. Perhaps
the time has come to rethink this?

Felipe Sateler

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