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Am 14.08.2010 23:04, schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
Hi Burkhard (cc public Debian multimedia team mailinglist),

I am a Debian developer and recently got involved in the maintainance of
multimedia project packaging.

During a copyright and licensing audit I noticed an oddity of the
headers for regression tests in your gmerlin-avdecoder project: It
contains a copyright and parts of the standard GPL boilerplate, but
lacks the first part actually declaring GPL as the license.

Technically you do not permit redistribution of those tests, which I
suspect was unintentional.

I suggest you adjust the headers of those files for next release of your

Added my standard copyright header to tests/*.c in CVS.

More troublesome, but maybe also more difficult to solve, I discovered
that some source files are licensed as 4-clause BSD which is
incompatible with GPLv2.

These are the files I found containing 4-clause BSD licensing:

lib/os.c (at line 93)

As IOhannes already mentioned, all stuff except lib/base64.c are
fallbacks for non-Posix systems (mainly windows).

We'll try to get GPLed base64 routines.


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