On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 11:12:29 (CEST), Burkhard Plaum wrote:

>> More troublesome, but maybe also more difficult to solve, I discovered
>> that some source files are licensed as 4-clause BSD which is
>> incompatible with GPLv2.
>> These are the files I found containing 4-clause BSD licensing:
>> lib/os.c (at line 93)
>> include/bgav_sem.h
>> lib/base64.c
> As IOhannes already mentioned, all stuff except lib/base64.c are
> fallbacks for non-Posix systems (mainly windows).
> We'll try to get GPLed base64 routines.

Just a suggestion, the gnulib contains a lot of portability functions
that can be copied into your codebase:



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