On 2010-08-16 13:21, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> As I understand it, in principle we are safe if we can ensure that
> 4-clause BSD only affects code parts that are not compiled into any of
> the binary code that we redistribute.
> Ideal for us (and for other distributors, I guess) would be if those
> 4-clause BSD parts was placed in separate files by you upstream.  That

i have submitted a patch to burkhard (and he has quickly incorporated it
in upstream - thanks again) that does:
- rebase lib/base64.c on a clause-3 BSD licensed version of the file
(the new base is
which is simply a re-licensed (with agreement by the copyright owner)
version of the original file)
- lib/os.c has the BSD-code moved away into lib/os_inet_aton.c (which
can be excluded by us)
- include/bgav_sem.h has the BSD-code moved out into
include/bgav_sem_bsd.h (which can be excluded by us)

so i think the issues are now fixed upstream...


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