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> Also, I agree with Felipe that we should look at the relevancy of these  
> packages first, so as to not accidentally keep alive abandoned software  
> through "training sessions".


> For all of them, we should really get in touch with last persons  
> actually working on the packages!


>> milkytracker: Upstream page is 403-Forbidden. I think we can drop a
>> dead-upstream project. Popcon ~= 250
> Perhaps simply needs update to the Homepage stanza?  Is it perhaps the  
> software now located at http://milkytracker.org/ ?

It is. And the latest release dates back to 01/01/10, fixing at least
one important bug in the JACK output module.

The package needs a sponsor:


Given that this is "our" package (at least it has the debian-multimedia
team address in the maintainer field), we should get in touch with the

I'll forward this mail to him.

>> vkeybd: A virtual keyboard. No new upstream release. Popcon ~= 350
> I find this kind of tool relevant, and know of no alternative for this  
> particular package.

vmpk seems to be the better replacement.


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