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On 11/18/2010 10:18 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

Looking back at the log of this discussion, I think we just need to patch mentioned below and a DFSG tarball. Perhaps Berkhard, the upstream author, has already included the patch and stripped out the non-DFSG stuff from his CVS, so a 1.0.3~cvs package would be easier:

the reason why i did not start packaging the CVS-snapshot is, that burkhard develops gavl and gmerlin-avdec in parallel, meaning that a CVS-snapshot of gmerlin-avdec _most likely_ (not confirmed though) will not compile with the last released version of gavl.
so we would have to package gavl-CVS as well.

i hoped that burkhard would do a proper release of gmerlin-avdecoder,
which has not happened yet.

I revisited the copyright issue which have improved but isn't fully solved by the CVS snapshot.

I do *not*, however, want to take responsibility of releasing this CVS snapshot - as I have pointed out numerous times in the past I generally dislike that packaging style, and in this case I could very well imagine that the 1.0.3 release would be followed by a 1.0.4 release before the snapshotted 1.1.0pre1 code was deemed stable by upstream.

Build-dependencies need tightening to reflect new upstream requirement, and probably the new --without-GSM610 option should be applied if not handled automagically (see "git log -p configure.ac").

Would be nice if someone would add DEP3 headers to the patches.

Oh, and the versioning of the CVS snapshot is also wrong: It lacks the trailing ~DFSG to hint about stripped parts. Or, if nothing is stripped anymore, copyright file needs updating to reflect that!

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