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> > I've seen some Squeeze exception requests for this that have been flatly
> > denied (as Squeeze for multimedia slides hopelessly further into
> > obsolescence)
> Sure, still lots to improve, but there are some good developments imho and
> some people work hard to make it as good as possible. You can ask yourself
> what you're doing to improve the state of multimedia in Debian and/ or
> squeeze...

Honestely? I think i...@bandshed is right, at least to some degree. Back
at DC10, Debian unstable was more up-to-date than Ubuntu 10.04. With
Ubuntu 10.10 released, they're now on par, and within some months,
Squeeze will be more or less outdated.

We already knew this back in July: multimedia upstream's pace is so much
faster than Debian's release cycle that we need to come up with a better
solution. CUT (constantly usable testing) seemed to be such an option,
though I've never heard about it again.

I have the very same problem: there are a couple of important fixes in
the FFADO firewire drivers, but RT denied their inclusion. It's somewhat
frustrating to know that we'll ship with broken software, but that's the

I was close to entirely ignoring this release thing and start uploading
updated packages to unstable again, but then decided to obey the
project's goal and stick to the idea of a freeze.

From a pro-audio point of view, we would need jack-session, updated
ffado, updated calf plugins and probably some more. No chance to get
this into Squeeze, and even if so, within a few weeks, even more stuff
will show up that'd be nice to be included.

I'm inclined to say, at least for my packages, they've reached a state
that's safe to ship with Squeeze. Not updating unstable atm is a
conservative thing just in case we do really need another upload for
Squeeze. Otherwise, it'd now be time to upload new stuff again. Strictly
speaking, the freeze is about testing, not about unstable. ;) SCNR

So for the very group of audio producers, Squeeze (and unstable) is
already outdated, that's where i...@bandshed is right. OTOH, this
statement doesn't necessarily holds true for all the other packages we
maintain, e.g., video players.

Just my €0.02

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