Please don't misunderstand, Your (the pkg-multimedia team's) work here is
nothing short of incredible during the past Squeeze development phase, I
as a user/3rd party distributor am certainly aware of that as much as
anyone else, I also know that the freeze is beyond the control of
pkg-multimedia and I know the 'Debian' way of doing things. Because SO
much has been accomplished it is frustrating to see Squeeze unreleased
still missing key things like JACK Session and latest ffado, which will
seriously hamper efforts for keen multimedia users to move forward with
Ardour 3 and other important developments which will more than likely
occur before Squeeze is even released.

My complaint was never about your work, it was a frustrated comment on the
unfortunate timing of the freeze in cutting off your work before a more
sustainable plateau was reached. If you or any of the team percieved my
comments to be otherwise I apologize and hope this clarifies my intent.


> Dear Glen,
> Am 21.11.2010 14:23, schrieb i...@bandshed.net:
>> I'm not sure if libraw1394 falls under your jurisdiction or not but the
> No, it does not: <http://packages.qa.debian.org/libr/libraw1394.html>
>> latest release (November 1) supports daisy chaining multiple firewire
> A bug requesting upgrading to the latest upstream version has already
> been filed: <http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=602215>
>> devices on the new firewire stack when used with Kernel 2.6.36. Testing
>> by
>> AV Linux users has confirmed this.
> Squeeze will ship with linux 2.6.32.
>> Note daisy chaining was previously only possible with the legacy
>> firewire
>> stack.
>> I've seen some Squeeze exception requests for this that have been flatly
>> denied (as Squeeze for multimedia slides hopelessly further into
> Sure, these changes are not targeted at the kernel considered for
> squeeze release anyway and some changes do simply come too late...
>> obsolescence) but there seems to be no updates to libraw1394 2.0.6
> Thanks for declaring our team effort for multimedia support in Squeeze
> obsolete!
>> available in Sid or experimental either. Use of the new stack makes
>> ffado
>> supported Audio devices plug and play, the addition of 2.0.6 would
>> further
>> that to multiple firewire devices being plug and play.
>> Thought I'd pass that along.
> Thanks anyway.
>   - Fabian

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