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I suggest as a next step to put it up at http://wiki.debian.org/ somewhere. And then ask again here if anyone has additions/corrections/whatever - and when done (even if complete silence for a few weeks) file a bugreport against debian-policy cc this list (i.e. mention this list when asked for additional addresses in reportbug).

I have no experience in policy changes, so I might be wrong about the process - above is just a suggestion in case you don't know better. Please anyone do correct me if it is an ill approach.

I would like to get some more feedback from this list first. You could think of more menu entries like:

* Djing & Drums

hydrogen / mixxx / jackbeat

* Soundsynthesis

Pd /  SuperCollider / Csound


If we decide we want something like this, would you like to contribute to this (all though if we decide it, you have no choice I think ;) )

Not sure I understand where you are getting at. Sure I will continue to contribute to Debian in general, and if policy changes then that affects my future contributions.


If you mean if I will join you in actively agitating e.g. at debian-devel@ or debian-policy@ or perhaps even take the lead, then no promises: Please do keep this list in the loop, and yell as you did yesterday if you fel too few pay attention to some specifics, then I will do my best at throwing comments when I get enlightened. But I have many many things on my TODOs and this one is not highest priority for me, sorry.

Fine, thanks.


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