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  > I thought about that. I figured there wasn't any harm in letting the user 
resize the window even if it wouldn't be saved.
  User-chosen window sizes should //always// be saved. The only alternative is 
to make the window non-resizable in the first place.
  Do we want to go with the standard routine of saving the window geometry and 
restoring it the next time the user launches the application? I can work that 
in, maybe with a `firstLaunch` boolean flag that only triggers the manual 
setting of the window size on the very first run. The window still won't get 
smaller than `minimumSize`, but if someone wants to enlarge it, we could save 
that size and restore it in the future.
  All of this is already implemented and works as expected if you simply remove 
the `resize()` call. What needs to be done is to specify the default size 
without always calling `resize()`. Either that, or enforce 1024x700 as the 

  R124 System Settings


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