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  In D12252#247750 <>, @sharvey wrote:
  > In D12252#247745 <>, @ngraham 
  > > Ah, so it is! Any objections to increasing the effective minimum size to 
1024x768? It seems that this is the size that the KCMs were actually designed 
for, so it makes sense to me as a sensible default, but let's collect some more 
opinions first.
  > 68 pixels added.
  Heh, that wasn't a request targeted at you, but rather a question for others. 
:) This patch will make System Settings effectively unusable for screens 
smaller than 1024x768 (it's currently //technically// usable, but not in 
practice since you need to scroll nearly every KCM to see anything; it's a 
really bad user experience). My vote is a yes since the KCMs are themselves 
mostly unusable at smaller sizes, but we should still ask first.

  R124 System Settings

  enlarge-default-size (branched from master)


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