> > I suspect there might be some issue going on between the different versions
> > of plplot on your system.  It would be nice to pinpoint the exact cause.
> Hazen and Hez may be comparing apples and oranges.

I agree.  The circumstances on the systems are different and I suspect that
the root causes may be different.  It's possible Hezekiah's problem is
related to the multiple installs of plplot lying around; certainly the ldd
results are a little odd.  That's not to say that there isn't/wasn't a
memory corruption/overwrite/misuse issue occurring as well.

> The other point I want to make concerns segfaults ... gives several
> straightforward ways you can get those from C, but they miss the big one
> which is memory management issues ... The point is that segfaults
> indirectly caused by memory management issues depend critically on memory
> layout

Correct, and as such they can be cows to track down.  Adding debug code for
example an appear to make the problem disappear.


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