On 8/8/2017 7:08 PM, Michael Christopher Robinson wrote:
> I paid for a PLEX pass because PLEX was not working with
> my folks Samsung model UN65KS9800FZA television.  This
> happened yesterday, Plex worked with that television till
> yesterday.
> Try as I might to find one, there is no support phone number for
> PLEX.  How can you charge for a service and not provide telephone
> support?  I found out via google how to upgrade the server, didn't
> help.  I'm running PLEX on FreeNAS 11 update 2.
> I don't understand why I can see the movies, but I can't play any
> of them.  Does anyone else have this problem on a Samsung smart
> television?  The television is a 2016 model.
> I wrote out my problem on the community forum for PLEX, but so far
> nobody has replied.  Granted, it has only been a few hours.  I'm
> starting to get the impression that people are having widespread
> issues with Samsung smart televisions and the plex app.

This has nothing to do with PLEX (I don't even know what that is),
but I'd like to comment on the problems I've had in accessing online
streaming content with my Samsung "smart" TV.

Even though the Samsung TV offers access to Netflix and other online
services, it is not usable. While watching Netflix content, the video
and audio become so out of sync that it is truly impossible to watch.

However, the workaround is easy because I also have a Samsung Blu-ray
player with online access, connected by HDMI to the TV. For reasons
unknown to me, the engineers who designed the Blu-ray were much more
competent than those who designed the TV. It works perfectly. In case
you are wondering, the TV and the Blu-ray are connected to the same
switch leading to the same router. There is no difference in their
network connections.

In summary, you might try want to try avoiding the Samsung TV network
access altogether and use another box with an HDMI connection to the TV.


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