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>This has nothing to do with PLEX (I don't even know what that is),
>but I'd like to comment on the problems I've had in accessing online
>streaming content with my Samsung "smart" TV.
>Even though the Samsung TV offers access to Netflix and other online
>services, it is not usable. While watching Netflix content, the video
>and audio become so out of sync that it is truly impossible to watch.
>However, the workaround is easy because I also have a Samsung Blu-ray
>player with online access, connected by HDMI to the TV. For reasons
>unknown to me, the engineers who designed the Blu-ray were much more
>competent than those who designed the TV. It works perfectly. In case
>you are wondering, the TV and the Blu-ray are connected to the same
>switch leading to the same router. There is no difference in their
>network connections.
>In summary, you might try want to try avoiding the Samsung TV network
>access altogether and use another box with an HDMI connection to the

I don't know what PLEX is either, but I do have a Samsung Smart TV. I
also have an HDHomeRun tuner that collects over the air broadcasts and
makes them available over my home ethernet or wifi.

After unpacking and plugging in the Samsung I successfully got it
seeing my home wifi, but no way could I get it to see the HDHomeRun. It
would use the wifi for Netflix, etc., but as I have no interest in that
I left it alone and plugged in a plain set of rabbit ears. Meantime, I
can watch over the air broadcasts through the HDHomeRun, but only on my
computers with VLC. 

I suspect that Samsung gets $$ from Netflix, inter alia, so they
disabled any other possibilities. Instead of the Samsung smart TV I
probably should have bought a big monitor and a small computer.
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