VLC 3.0 has recently been released, but at this time Ubuntians can only
install it via Snap. I installed Snap (sudo apt-get install snapd), and
then VLC, but I got extremely strange results. Prior to this the
version of VLC on my computer was 2.2.6 (Umbrella). Afterward I had
both installed. Apparently Snap things are in a different world from
apt-get things. I had working launch entries for both versions. 

One of the things that I use VLC for just about every day is playing
television from my HDHomeRun tuner. Unfortunately, starting the tuner
invoked 2.2.6, not 3.0. So I uninstalled 2.2.6 (sudo apt-get remove
vlc). It appeared in Synaptic as not installed. Now here's the weird
part that makes no sense: The only version of VLC installed on the
computer is 3.0, but when I open the HDHomeRun tuner and launch VLC,
the About popup in VLC says that it is 2.2.6. But 2.2.6 is certainly not

Major head scratching. Ubuntu forums are no help. Does anyone have an
idea about what is going on?
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