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> I'm also curious to hear from anyone who has performed this procedure and
> has any wise insights to share or thoughts & prayers to offer an
> unsuspecting victim.

If you're looking for a maunal, the magic phrase is "hardware
maintenance manual" plus your model of Thinkpad.

Lenovo is usually pretty good about keeping these accessible on
their website, but sometimes older models can get buried
somewhere.  I tried searching for it at levovo.com and it didn't
pop out immediately, so you might have better luck finding it at
some third-party sites.

The IBM/Lenovo HMMs are very detailed manuals with good
descriptions and lots of pictures, and should be all you need.

That being said, I highly recommend checking out some third-party
websites (or even searching for a video on youtube).  I've replaced
screens in a T60 and T440p, and the HMM says to do more
disassembly than is really necessary.

One has to somewhat precariously balance the screen on a towel
placed on the keyboard while one is working and to also be wary of
the cables holding it so they don't break, but it saved me from
having to completely strip the system down to the frame like the
HMM recommended.

Third-party sites can also tell you about other caveats.  E.g. the
T61t models have the bezel around the screen glued on with some
*really* strong adhesive.  I was careful and managed to remove it
over the course of about 20-30 minutes, but many people
recommended just purchasing a replacement bezel because of how
likely it is to break and to just rip it off in pieces.

The HMMs will give you all you need to replace whatever parts you
want, but the third-party sites will give you extra tips like the

All in all, the Thinkpads are generally easy to work on if one is
even minimally handy.  With most models, it mostly just involves
removing and replacing screws.  In my experience, the T and X
series have been very easy to work on.  The W series is basically
an extension of the T series, so they should be easy to work on
as well.

I haven't looked at the newer ultralight models like the Yoga or
X1 Carbon yet, but at least the workhorse laptops are easy to work


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