The same goes here, my first real encounter with them was with ConEd  when
I did a coverage study for them.They supplied the computers to capture the
coverage info for the study. I found them to be very tough and short of
a vehicle over one (I saw that happen to a panasonic tough book) they were
really very good field machines.

I have used them ever since. Linux makes the older ones still viable. I even
have an old T42p here. I have a X200 that the back lighting failed on, it
is in
storage, as soon as I can get it all shipped here I am going to take it out
replace the old tubes with LED, there are upgrade kits for that too. Did the
screen go out or did the back lighting fail?

On Sat, Apr 7, 2018 at 4:36 PM, Mke C> <> wrote:

> On 04/07/2018 10:17 AM, wrote:
>> Third-party sites can also tell you about other caveats.  E.g. the
>> T61t models have the bezel around the screen glued on with some
>> *really*  strong adhesive.  I was careful and managed to remove it
>> over the course of about 20-30 minutes, but many people
>> recommended just purchasing a replacement bezel because of how
>> likely it is to break and to just rip it off in pieces.
>> The HMMs will give you all you need to replace whatever parts you
>> want, but the third-party sites will give you extra tips like the
>> above.
>> All in all, the Thinkpads are generally easy to work on if one is
>> even minimally handy.  With most models, it mostly just involves
>> removing and replacing screws.  In my experience, the T and X
>> series have been very easy to work on.  The W series is basically
>> an extension of the T series, so they should be easy to work on
>> s well.
> Thank you. Very good to know and exactly the kind of info I was hoping
> other TP owners would share!
> I've replaced the keyboard, added memory, replaced HDs, CD/DVD players and
> fans. The build quality and design for easy maintenance, repair, upgrade to
> get many years of computing enjoyment out of your Thinkpad investment is
> why I've been buying & using them almost exclusively for 2 decades now. My
> first TP was for a job as field Network Engineer for a Telecom Equip.
> manufacturer. The use, abuse & neglect they stood up to was a strong
> testament to great design & build quality. I never looked at anything else
> after that. I just never had to replace a screen until now.
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