On 04/12/2018 02:35 PM, Neal wrote:
The manual for your specific model is the ultimate authority, but I did
find this for APC BE450G/550G models that mentions adjusting sensitivity
without having to run their PowerChute software (windows only). I wasn't
aware of it so I'm sharing with others who many not have read all their
friendly manuals.

Interesting. I've never looked for anything like that. I'll have to crawl on the floor and see what my APC and my CyberPower model #s are.


Also, startup current for a motor can cause quite a dip in line voltage.
Anything longer than 1 cycle should be picked up by the UPS but you might
not notice the flicker. Do you have a fridge and/or freezer?

Yes and yes. But I've had all of them for years. I'm still favoring the old battery idea and will try to find the time to visit one of the battery shops in the near future.


Dick Steffens

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