On Thu, 12 Apr 2018, Ben Koenig wrote:

Yes, that makes it a beep code. Beep codes don't have to be from a PC
motherboard, its just a way for headless devices to tell you what is
wrong. Whatever that sound is should be documented by the manufacturer.


  These are the 'beeps' that the UPS makes when it transitions to battery
mode. It's not an error, just a notice that the AC is not charging the
battery, but the battery is powering whatever is connected to it. This lasts
a couple or so seconds every now and then.

  This happens her when the lights and radio don't show interruption in
their operations. Infrequently, the surge protector into which the WAP is
plugged will trip off, otherwise there's no indication of a power glitch.

  Apparently the APC backups are more sensitive to voltage changes than are
other electrical devices.

  Similar quirks occur here with my cell phone (a Treo 700p). It's sitting
next to me on a rubber pad on top of a 2-drawer file cabinet. Every now and
then it generates its 'lost signal' sound, followed a short time later, with
its 'network found' signal. Why this happens with the unit sitting in one
place is unexplained. Weather seems to not be a factor. It happened when I
was on the cell phone with a Verizon tech and she could not explain why.
Strange things, these computers.

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