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> On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 8:17 AM Galen Seitz <gal...@seitzassoc.com> wrote:
>> On 3/24/20 10:23 PM, Michael Barnes wrote:
>> > Not really Linux related, but very strange. I have a real nice set of
>> Altec
>> > Lansing computer speakers hooked up to one of my Linux Mint machines.
>> This
>> > is a three piece set with two desktop speakers and a large subwoofer on
>> the
>> > floor.
>> Model number?
>> > I've had these speakers for at least ten years and they have always
>> > worked and sounded good.  I hooked them up to this computer about a
>> month
>> > ago. After a couple weeks, they started making a very loud low frequency
>> > beep/buzz every thirty minutes.
>> Can you tell if the noise is only coming from the subwoofer?
>> > It is about a one second burst. I turned
>> > them off with the on/off switch on the volume control, and the beep
>> > persisted.
>> So with the switch in the off position, the noise continues?  I agree,
>> that's very odd.  That suggests that the switch is only switching the
>> audio input, not the power.
>> > At exactly :29 and :59. I unplugged the audio input from the
>> > computer speaker jack and the beep continued.
>> As suggested earlier, it could be RFI, but given what you've described,
>> I'm leaning towards a failing power supply.
>> > There is no kind of logic
>> > circuitry in this thing. Just an audio amplifier and related
>> electronics.
>> > The only way to stop it is to unplug it. When plugged in it is like
>> > clockwork at exactly :29 and :59, regardless of whether it is connected
>> to
>> > the computer or not. I hooked up another set of speakers to the computer
>> > and they do not do this. Sad, because these are a great sounding set of
>> > speakers.
>> If the speakers were working, but now, without any changes, they have
>> started generating noise, I think a cap in the power supply may be
>> failing, allowing power line noise to come through.  It could also be a
>> cap in the audio path that is failing, allowing RFI to get into the
>> audio.  Please post the model number so we can see how they are wired,
>> and where the power comes from.
>> Please confirm that you haven't introduced anything new to your home
>> environment (new appliances, etc.) that might be coincident with the
>> noise appearing.
>> galen
>> --
>> Galen Seitz
> Model is VS-2121. The sound is not random. It happens at exactly :29 and
> :59. It is not quiet, either. We can hear it pretty much throughout the
> house, so it's not like something that has been there all along and just
> wasn't heard over ambient noise. It is more of a sound than noise, a low
> frequency rumble, but not like static type noise as you would get from AC
> hum or failing components. More like hitting the bottom note or bass pedal
> on a keyboard (musical keyboard, not computer keyboard). I'm not sure of
> whether it is coming from all speakers or just the sub-woofer, as I have
> not been at the computer when it happens. The computer is in my wife's
> hobby room. It is not used that much, only for email and occasional web
> surfing. Interesting that the on/off switch doesn't really turn it off. As
> I plug/unplug it, the subwoofer pops.
> Thanks for everyone's comments.
> Michael
> Well, it is not the computer. I turned the computer and monitor of and sat
there at the appointed time. It seems to be a power line issue. The sound
is coming from the subwoofer, although I had the speakers turned off. Next
chance I get to sit there at that time, I'll turn them on. I guess the next
thing is to see if it is only that breaker circuit. I have no idea what I
have in the house that would do something on the power precisely at those

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