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Model is VS-2121. The sound is not random. It happens at exactly :29 and
:59. It is not quiet, either. We can hear it pretty much throughout the
house, so it's not like something that has been there all along and just
wasn't heard over ambient noise. It is more of a sound than noise, a low
frequency rumble, but not like static type noise as you would get from AC
hum or failing components. More like hitting the bottom note or bass pedal
on a keyboard (musical keyboard, not computer keyboard). I'm not sure of
whether it is coming from all speakers or just the sub-woofer, as I have
not been at the computer when it happens. The computer is in my wife's
hobby room. It is not used that much, only for email and occasional web
surfing. Interesting that the on/off switch doesn't really turn it off. As
I plug/unplug it, the subwoofer pops.

Thanks for everyone's comments.


Well, it is not the computer. I turned the computer and monitor of and sat
there at the appointed time. It seems to be a power line issue. The sound
is coming from the subwoofer, although I had the speakers turned off. Next
chance I get to sit there at that time, I'll turn them on. I guess the next
thing is to see if it is only that breaker circuit. I have no idea what I
have in the house that would do something on the power precisely at those

Good idea to run a test with the computer turned off.  That's useful info.

It certainly seems that power line noise is a potential culprit. If you have a spare UPS sitting around, it would be interesting to see if the noise occurs when the speakers are powered by the UPS, but the UPS is unplugged from the wall, and the speakers are not connected to the computer. I.e., turn your speakers into battery powered speakers that are isolated from line power and the computer, and listen to the results.

What's interesting to me is that you indicated that this is a recent problem. This suggests one of two possibilities:

1. A new, and very periodic noise source has been introduced into the speakers environment.

2. The noise source has always been there, but a component failure in the speakers has caused the noise to become noticeable.

Galen Seitz
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