2eleven wrote: 
> First of all - HUGE thanks to Michael for this wonderful plugin. I don't
> know what I'd do without Spotify, and I really don't want to leave the
> squeezebox universe, so this plugin is a HUGE deal.
> Naturally, I'm here to report an issue...
> ::When my home network loses connectivity to Spotify (broadband issues
> or similar)::
> [
> Thanks,
> John

John, I know nowt about these things, but if this is a regular
occurrence, then would it not be advisable to resolve the matter.

Is it your ISP provider or perhaps a DNS (don't really know what that
is, but I beleive one can change them) issue.

The Arch Linux thing, is that one of the stable OS versions or a bit
"bleeding edge"?

Why not try a simpler solution?



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