bakker_be wrote: 
> I can confirm it now works for me on all platforms I previously tested
> :)
> EDIT: It only works when using Spotty or Tidal. It doesn't seem to work
> with local tracks :(

Excellent! I am very happy to hear that. I don't have access to many
different devices and mainly rely on each browser in each device
adhering to modern web standards.
Local tracks has not been prioritized yet, but I will try to make it
work as soon as I get the time (I mainly use spotty/spotify and podcasts

You are very welcome posting issues @ github for any device-specific
problem you encounter. It would be great to know the current coverage
when it comes to different platforms/devices (ideally I would like to
create some kind of device compatibility matrix). I also welcome
discussion on what features to prioritize next.

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