mherger wrote: 
> > Michael, are you aware of the recent issue I posted about a few times
> > with the Android Spotify app and Spotty Connect?
> Yes, I certainly am. How could I have missed your repeated posts :-P?
> Isn't the issue fixed with the latest revision? Did you force quit those
> Spotify apps and try again?
> -- 
> Michael

Still the same result with 2.1.6. I even reinstalled the Spotify app and
deleted my account from the plugin but still the issue remains. 
Don't know if this helps but after reinstalling the Spotify app on my
phone I found that I could not switch playback to my echo dot while
playing music on the phone. That turned out to be caused by all the app
permissions being switched off. Once permissions were on I could switch
between players until I selected a Squeezebox and encountered the issue

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