mherger wrote: 
> >    - Switching from a non LMS based Spotify Connect enabled player to
> a
> >      Squeezebox Radio does not work.
> I'm rather sure this isn't true, or I'd have many more complaints. 
> Because this would basically mean Connect didn't work at all.
> > Instead of continue to play Spotify
> >      stops, chooses "This iPhone" as player and sets volume to 0. I
> >      attached the log 24546 but can't see anything in
> >      it.
> From your log file I don't even see the Connect session being started.
> Is the file incomplete? I see Spotty activity 7s after LMS start. But 
> it's not Connect activity. It rather looks as if you started playback 
> from LMS, while the track in the queue was started from Connect _before_
> LMS was started.
> Would playback fail if you re-started playback from Spotify?
> l

All tests have been done only with the iPhone Spotify app - not LMS. The
issue that a Squeezebox Radio does not start if the device active before
was a non LMS device is 100% reproducible. I'm sorry that's not visible
in the log. Jumping from Squeezebox Rdio to another Squeezebox Radio
always works.

I wait until 2.1.8 appears in the repo and will post updated results.


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