Wirrunna wrote: 
> Just got home after a month away. 
> Loaded Squeezelite-X 1.3.2. Works perfectly, saw the port config option,
> available if you want it but if you don't then it stays hidden. Good way
> of doing it as the screen stays uncluttered.
> There was a plugin update notice at the bottom of the LMS screen, so I
> updated the plugin, restarted LMS but the update notice was still there.
> Couldn't remember how to refresh Squeezelite-X so just closed and
> restarted.
> Is there a way (apart from close / restart) of refreshing the LMS screen
> ?

You can just lick on the label "Logitech Media Server" in the browser
window and that will refresh it.

R Greg Dawson

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