Version 1.3.3 is currently in the MS Store.

Recent Changes include:

You can now define both the Http port and the CLI port to match how you
have your Logitech Media Server configured.  Typically 9000 is the http
port ID and 9090 is the CLI port ID.  These are the defaults fro LMS and
those are the defaults for Squeezelite-X as well.

Media Key Integration was improved.  The original approach used a
Low-Level Keyboard hook, which didn't work well with Fast User Switching
(e.g. having multiple users logged in each running an instance of
Squeezelite-X at the same time.  The new method is per session, so
multiple instances logged into same machine to not interfere with each

Squeezelite-X will now not allow you to run multiple instances by the
same user session.  Different users can each have an instance running in
different sessions.

I fixed a potential crash that could happen if you clicked on the tray
icon before the browser thread had fully initialized (< ~1sec).

I updated the browser dlls to the latest Chromium Embedded Framework

I updated the credits tab to fully and more elegantly give credit to
Open Source Software used to create Squeezelite-X.

That's about it.  I think I'll leave it alone for awhile, as I don't
have anything else I can think of to do.


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