Just started using the Group Player's more recently and think I have
found a behaviour that maybe isn't quite right. I'll run it by you
guys/gurls and see what your setup does and/or your thoughts.

Group starts by grabbing all players which is great. I had a couple of
players on and playing in sync out of the 10 or so sync'd at the time.
The wife turned on the Kitchen Radio (which his part of this group) and
then selected her own album which was fine, the Kitchen Radio was
removed from the group and it played her chosen album. Now using iPeng I
paused the Group player as that was what was selected from choosing the
previous playlist that started the group. When resuming it grabbed the
Kitchen Radio back into the group and started playing my playlist in
sync with the group! My wife wasn't best pleased.. whoops. 

I assume thats not normal behaviour?!?! So just to clarify, pausing the
group player and then resuming pulled a previously attached player that
had left and was playing its own thing. I would have thought that the
Kitchen Player shouldn't have been pulled back in to the group is it was
switched on and playing something different.  


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