Simon_rb wrote: 
> Hi,
> Just started using the Group Player's more recently and think I have
> found a behaviour that maybe isn't quite right. I'll run it by you
> guys/gurls and see what your setup does and/or your thoughts.
> Group starts by grabbing all players which is great. I had a couple of
> players on and playing in sync out of the 10 or so sync'd at the time.
> The wife turned on the Kitchen Radio (which his part of this group) and
> then selected her own album which was fine, the Kitchen Radio was
> removed from the group and it played her chosen album. Now using iPeng I
> paused the Group player as that was what was selected from choosing the
> previous playlist that started the group. When resuming it grabbed the
> Kitchen Radio back into the group and started playing my playlist in
> sync with the group! My wife wasn't best pleased.. whoops. 
> I assume thats not normal behaviour?!?! So just to clarify, pausing the
> group player and then resuming pulled a previously attached player that
> had left and was playing its own thing. I would have thought that the
> Kitchen Player shouldn't have been pulled back in to the group is it was
> switched on and playing something different.  
> Cheers

I agree that's not ideal, but that's by design so far. Groups are
disassembled at pause and restored at resume. I have to re-think about
it, but how would I differentiate that you don't want that player to be
- In many cases, you'd want it to be re-grabbed otherwise the only
option would be to "stop" the Group it (i.e. to erase it's playlist) and
then to re-play it - not very convenient either. And even if you do
that, maybe your wife does not want the Kitchen to be re-grabbed if you
change your playlist. 
- Then I could not-grab players that are already playing, but that would
defeat a lot the prupose of Groups
- The, more complicated, I could mark Group members that are de-sync
when pausing and not restore them upon resume. But what shall I do if
you change the Group Playlist? Shall I mark the player as well but then
how will it re-join the group?
- The only option I can think about, while write that, is, when breakin
up a Group, I would maker the players that are not synced with it
anymore. Then, when reforming that group, members that were marked and
*are* playing shall not re-join the group. Unfortunately, that would
also make some unhappy users were you have extracted a player yesterday
from a group while it was playing. Today, you're paying something on
that player, and then you decide to play on the Group ... well, that
player will not rejoin :( Not sure you'll remember what you did


suggestions welcome :)

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