mherger wrote: 
> New builds are due out in a bit. Unfortunately my shiny new build system
> still isn't installed in a decent place. Therefore I have to upload from
> behind this super slow 10Mb connection... So please be patient.
> Thanks for an interesting test/edge case! :-)

Haha, you're welcome! :) And thank you for this deep insight of how the
search works and design choices behind it!

One more question, if I may: Are all tags included in the search?
Because the disc / track currently running has a tag called
"Organization" set to "Interscope" and the search wouldn't find it.

I'm patiently looking forward to an updated version. And again, thank
you very much!

QLMS 7.9.1@1.07.2 (digimaster) / QNAP 469L QTS 4.3.4
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