mherger wrote: 
> > To clarify, I got other discs (or rather artists) with this search as
> > well, but I don't know why they would be found, as there's no "321"
> in
> > the tags.
> Feel free top drop a copy of your library.db to my inbox:
> I've never seen the issues you're showing on the screnshots...
> -- 
> Michael

Before I do that, I wanted to test some things. I reduced the library to
roughly 1/6 of its size to safe time and did a full rescan (if the cache
is deleted, too, is that the "wipe" you mentioned? I did that to remove
any remnants.)

Two things happened: I did not encounter these empty results anymore
(Squeezeplay) and the search (WebUI) for "321" did not find the album I
mentioned earlier (but it was scanned, of course). "321" finds one
album/artist now (WebUI) "Home > Search > Artists (321) > Leonard
Hokanson > The Piano Collection", and yet again I don't know why.

I'll start with this significantly smaller (~60MB vs. ~900MB) library.db
first, if that's ok with you. If you need the larger one, just give the

And please, don't judge. Some family members have a weird taste.

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