mherger wrote: 
> > I noticed two more things:
> Oh, and I forgot one more thing... you'll have to run a rescan (no wipe
> required) to update the FTS index to see the full effect of the
> changes.
> > - Sometimes I get "All Songs" at the bottom of the result list,
> >    sometimes I don't.
> > - Sometimes (a different sometimes) I get "empty results", i.e. no
> >    cover, no text whatsoever, below "All Songs".
> How are you searching? Using the magnifying glass at the top, or one of
> the search input fields?
> -- 
> Michael

I'm at my computer, so I'm using Squeezeplay's search function (the
third entry in the main menu (1. My Music, 2. Radio, 3. Search...)). I
almost never use the WebUI for controlling players.

I'll look into what iPeng, WebUI etc. do tomorrow after the rescan and
keep you posted. Thank you!

QLMS 7.9.1@1.07.2 (digimaster) / QNAP 469L QTS 4.3.4
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