schoeppi wrote: 
> Hi Michael,
> On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 06:33:33AM +0100, Michael Herger wrote:
> >> if I remember correctly, I was able to start the playback of the 
> >> "Top title" playlist of an artist in Spotify via the context menu of 
> >> iPeng in the past. I do not know if this was the case with Spotty or 
> >> with Triodes plugin, but I am sure it worked :-).
> >
> >Might have been a feature of Triode's. But in the new implementation 
> >you can search for the currently playing track or artist on Spotify. 
> >From there you can do whatever you want. Wouldn't that work?
> You mean when using the Connect feature or using LMS and iPeng? I do not
> use Spotify Connect and I do not like to use it as long I can use iPeng 
> to controll LMS and all its features and plugins this way :-).
> I am not sure if I explained the problem correctly..., so another try 
> :-).
> If I am searching for an artist and open the view where all Albums, 
> Singles and so on for this artist are shown, I get also the possebility 
> to play the "Top tracks" of the artist. This item can't be played via 
> the context menu of iPeng. Clicking on "Top-Tracks" will open the 
> playlist and all titles are shown instead. This was different in the 
> past, there was the possebility to open a context menu via iPeng when 
> activating the "Top-Tracks" item. Now I wonder why the possebility to 
> open a context menu for the "Top-Tracks" item is gone and if it is 
> possible to bring it back maybe :-.
> Ciao,
> SchoeppI see what you mean. "Top Tracks" has no context menu but "Songs" and
"Artist Radio" both have one.[image:]

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