On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 02:32:55PM +0100, Michael Herger wrote:
>> If I am searching for an artist and open the view where all Albums,
>> Singles and so on for this artist are shown, I get also the possebility
>> to play the "Top tracks" of the artist. This item can't be played via
>> the context menu of iPeng.
>If I tap an item on that page I'd be asked if I wanted to play/queue 
>up/add that tune, or play all of them. Doesn't that work for you?

This does not work every time. If I tap on the first item in the 
playlist and select "Play all items" sometimes the full playlist is 
played, but very ofthen only the first track is selected.

Another reason why it would be nice to have a context menu is that it 
takes one step less to play the top tracks of an artist :-).

Slartibartfast explained the problem in his last mail also and sent a 
picture, maybe this makes it more clear what I mean. The context menus 
are present for other items but not for the top tracks :-(.



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