Peter Galbavy wrote: 
> Final Update: Needed to (re)open port 3483 on server end for remote
> access. "sigh"
> Ignore - spoke too soon. The browser worked because I disabled
> squeezelite to test from the command line.
> Update: Whatever it is, it's something firewall-y as an install on my
> home machine (hooray for secure remote access) installs and works fine.
> (NOT) Fixed - in case anyone else sees the same thing, I had to manually
> allow squeezelite-win.exe to make outgoing connections through the
> Windows Firewall.
> I *assume* this is the same for the Store installed version, and if so
> should/could this be added to the manifest or whatever Windows Store
> apps come with at install?

You are on the right track.  Yes, all the players, including
Squeezelite, communicate with the server via port 3483. Having port 3438
blocked by a firewall is a scenario I have not tested, but I know what
happens (Thanks for including the log windows data).  Squeezelite-X,
waits for a signal from the server that the player is connected before
loading the browser window.  The reason I do it this way is so that when
the browser interface is loaded, the player will already be in the
player list, and I did not consider a case where the squeezelite-win.exe
process succeeds in executing, but not in actually connecting to the
server.  So in this case, Squeezelite-X never gets the signal the player
is connected, so never initialized the browser window.  When you
disabled squeezelite player, then SLX initializes the browser without
waiting for the signal from the server that the player is connected
(since it is disabled).  So that is why the browser window loaded in
that case.  So the bottom line is that the player is not able to talk to
the server via port 3438.  I should add some logic to SLX to detect this
scenario and provide a message to the operator.  I don't know the
details for your configuration, but you may have to configure settings
on the client firewall and on the server firewall, and maybe setup your
home router port forwarding as well to forward port 3438 to your server
(assuming you are coming in from outside your home).

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